LED Solutions

  • Introduction

LED Solutions

LED soft module has the characteristics of ultra-thin, ultra light, small volume, high pixel density (P10 and P6.67), which can show the characteristics of bending, low cost and so on. It can satisfy the designer's creative inspiration, and can realize all kinds of new and strange visual feeling. Display requirements for the screen shape. Provide a variety of screen size, clarity, in addition to the use of design features (contrast, color, color, etc.). Based on the characteristics of LED, we developed the display effect of 360 degrees more than a cylindrical LED screen, meet people's pursuit of high quality picture.

  • Product Information

1, Soft and Thin

2, No aberration

3, Variety of shapes, to meet the specific indoor special design

4, Security, Stability and Convenient

5. Easy to install with simple operation

    Welding firm, high flatness

    LED module can make all kinds of irregular shapes without limitation, and it has high internal stability.

    The PCB circuit board of this product is made by glass fiber material

    which can be used to make all kinds of irregular shapes.

Strong adsorption, not easy to loose

There are two type of modules: P6.67 which has 24 magnetic columns at the back and P10 has 15 magnetic columns at the back. The special magnetic column has strong adsorption on the iron box, it increases the degree of tightness between the iron box and the module. The module is not easy to loose, and also provide a convenience to after-sale support.

  • Past Case

  • Specification

LED Screen Parameters Type; P10
Dimensions Depends on the requirement
Resolution 389,120
Optical Details No. of dots on screen: 10000dots/㎡
Brightness: 1100 Nits
Visual Range: >1-m
Gray Scale: 16 Bit
Color of Display: 281 Trillions(Synchronized)
Control System Control Mode: Synchronized
Refresh Rate: 1000Hz
Repetition Frequency: >60Hz
Signal: RF, S-video, RGBHV, YUV etc.
Control Distance: UTP140m, Single Mode Fiber 15km
Brightness Control: 65536levels per color (automatically)
Reliability Temperature: -30 degree~60 degree
Humidity: 10%~90%
Service Life: >100,000Hrs
Mean Free Error Time: >10,000Hrs
Gap Between Module: <0.0001mm
Power Supply 110v~220v±10%
Average Power Consumption 100W/㎡
Installation Prerequisites Depends on the requirement