• Introduction


Smart-Vend, a vending machine which provides RFID tagged books borrow and return service.

It is designed specifically to meet the needs of different library operators. It allows to monitor and manage books and user information in real time. Smart-Vend is an ideal book management tool, which provides a simple, flexible and functional solution. Smart-Vend allows users login by Identity Card(or membership card) before browse or view the available books. Only after selecting the books for rental, and get confirmation of the rental of the books. After that book kiosk will transfer the selected books for user.

  • Product Information


Any locations with compact dimensions and maximum capacity


Borrow or return book at any time


Made in Italy

    1. Automates all processes, allowing the operator of the book kiosks to be able to perform an accurate management of the titles and the users. It allows to monitor any transaction in real time (book inventory, book rented, Cash management, Handling the delays, User management).

    2. User interface is easy and intuitive and allows customers to browse, return and collect the titles of books.

    3. Integrated Windows Media player. It supports lots of media formats, including the standard formats such as MP3, MPEG, DivX and AVI.

    4. Allows 400+ books stored in the kiosks with a user-friendly management system.

    5. Users can browse through the list of titles available from book kiosk, and collect and/or return books anywhere at any time.

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  • Specification

Content Content
Dimensions 2100 mm (H) × 1500 mm (W) × 950 mm (D)
Product weight 550 kg (without products inside)
Capacity Up to 400 items
Installation Prerequisites Indoor use only
Details ※Please contact us for details