Car Tracker

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StarTrack KWV2014 is a GPS tracking device with integrated Telematics capability suited for the advanced fleet management industry. The hardware platform utilizes the latest technology to offer an extremely reliable solution for vehicle tracking and telematics.

The KWV2014 is designed with vehicular applications in mind with wide operating input voltage and with robust protection circuitry to withstand severe transients result from load dump and jump start over-voltage conditions. Reverse battery as well as short circuit protection are included.

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Any locations with compact dimensions and maximum capacity


Small & light


Singapore quality with 100% singapore design

1. GPS Receiver

Provides the latest GPS receiver with A-GPS for fast TTFF under challenging operating environment.

2. M2M Module

Provides a high performance, open platform M2M module with field proven and reliable M2M software stack.

3. Telematics Features

Supports a wide array of hardware interface.

Different kind of vehicles...

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Content Content
Dimensions 25 mm (H) × 60 mm (W) × 100 mm (L)
Product weight 220g (battery included)
Temperature -40°C ~ +75°C
Communication Protocol Data Format: Binary data format for optimal data usage
Security: AES-128 encryption (Optional)
Remote Upgrade: Supports Over-the-air firmware upgrade
Data Logging: On-board flash memory for 10,000 event and position log
Hybrid Positioning: Supports Cell ID reporting
Eco-Driving Assessment: Intelligent driver performance & behavior system

speeding, harsh acceleration & braking, sharp cornering etc.

Key Features:

1. Programmable reporting interval

2. Mileage computation

3. Speeding alert

4. On-board Geo-fence for immediate response

5. Car-battery voltage monitoring

6. Remote configuration

Power DC Input: 9V-36V
Protection Circuit: Protected against surge and “dirty” power
Internal Battery: 3.7V DC Li-Ion, 1200mAH
Installation Prerequisites In-car use only